Can an Online Store Benefit from LinkedIn?

Feb 28, 2013


There are various social networks available, each with their own unique application. For many online shop owners, sites such as Pinterest and Facebook allow users to display visuals, direct comments, and otherwise generate appeal for their store very easily.

Then there is Linkedin, a site dedicated to building a brand through networking and connections. For the online store owner, this may not seem like an essential element to their store’s benefit, but it can be with the right application.

Update your profile

One of the most basic and simplest of methods to using Linkedin effectively is to have a quality profile. Keep in mind that your audience is going to likely be composed of other professionally-minded individuals, but this can be of great benefit to building your online visibility.

For starters, consider allowing your profile update to be a part of your notifications. It will allow others to recognize when you’ve changed your information, such as your profile picture. Pictures should be kept fresh frequently (not over-abundantly though).

Additionally, you’ll want to keep your headline updated. For this, you’ll want to use topical keywords that are trending at the moment, which can quickly be sourced by Google searches and other analytical tools. Since Linkedin features “Ask a Question,” you can use this information to develop questions that will intrigue your audience and draw in helpful connections that have the answers you are looking for.

Status updates can play a powerful role in your Linkedin experience. But, consider the etiquette of this particular social site before you find yourself “spamming” your network. Linkedin status updates should normally be made two to three times each day, preferably on a regular schedule. This means you should beware of integrating other social posts and apps, such as Twitter, which can quickly accumulate on Linkedin’s newsfeeds.

Linkedin’s site also offers great analytics, allowing you to adjust your technique rapidly and frequently. How many times have you been viewed? How many times have you come up in a Linkedin search? Use this to construct effective headlines and status updates for your profile.

For the most part, you’ll want to remain visible and active through the network. When you keep your activity feed fresh, potential connections and visitors will know this is a great place to connect with you and your online store.

Getting together

When it comes to connecting, Linkedin can provide the ideal situation. However, it’s up to you to make good connections by approaching them properly and focusing on developing those connections into professional relationships. Ask yourself: Do they share your content? Are they connected to others within your network? How do they know you?

Another aspect of Linkedin is that you can invite others to join you in conversation and connections. Just be sure to use invitations with contacts you are familiar with. Limit the number of invitations to individuals whom you do not know, but may want to develop a connection with. Do they have similar interests? Were they recommended? Make connections that will build your brand’s roots, not just the numbers.

Perhaps one of the most beneficial components of Linkedin is the group environment. While it might seem that you’re online store has no particular topic to cover within these groups, think again. First of all, consider what topics interest you. Now consider what topics interest your online store. Handling your online store? Interacting with customers? Making sales? The topics are numerous in Linkedin and come in all sizes. Be sure that you intermingle in several of these groups, listening and discussing, and learning as much as you can. You’d be surprised at the connections you can make.

Getting endorsed

Another tool available through this particular social site is the endorsements. Here, you can be rated on how you perform in your professional experience. What are you good at? Do you deliver quality customer service? Are your blogs popular and valuable to your audience? There are many different topics you can choose to list, but it’s best to focus on a few characteristics that define your online store.

Receiving these endorsements is another thing though. Focus on asking individuals who you are familiar with to generate endorsements for your online store. If you aren’t familiar with them, especially a new connection, it’s best not to ask for their endorsement as it can seem rude or pushy.

Linkedin is a social site that can benefit any online business. With the right application, you can engage potential connections and develop a network that will benefit the growth and visibility of your online store. Just remember that it’s all about the connection you make that defines you and your brand.


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