Facebook Headed Back To One Column and Your Shop

Jan 15, 2013
There are numerous social sites that constantly work at providing the users a better and more effective experience while using them. Facebook has been renowned for changing its format in extreme ways, primarily the change from the single column feed and page to the Timeline format that is now familiar to us all.

But Facebook is now preparing for another change in format. While many Timeline users have noted the difficulty with navigating the split feed on a page, some might appreciate the visual appeal that the format permits. Needless to say, the feed itself is what’s getting the major tune-up.

Now Utilizing a Single News Column

The biggest feature that we’ll potentially see is going to be the single-column newsfeed on a page which will not affect the user’s newsfeed. Now when a user visits a homepage, they can easily navigate the posted material, something that seems to have become an issue with the Timeline format putting material out of linear order, having some on the right and some on the left. Instead of losing sight of certain topics, it will be much easier to follow a conversation or return to it at a later time while checking back for a response.
While these features often make a premier for individuals first, they will inevitably become the structure for brand pages as well. So it’s important that you’re ready to use the site effectively. The single column will enable users to follow material much more efficiently rather than seeing a jumble of articles that have been posted. As proposed, the left side will possess your linear posts while the right side will be responsible for recent activity and your friends. There will likely be variations for brands such as likes and audience activity/posts. For your brand page, this will make your material that much easier for the audience to follow.

Further Ease of Navigation

The page will now be able to be reorganized to construct a better image of your brand and its content. Rather than navigating strictly via the Timeline, you’ll be able to see certain interests under tabs to improve navigation and accessibility for you and the audience. This will make it much easier for the audience to be able to visit particular information (about and contact info). Rather than posting a set design of features, you can choose what tabs are important to marketing your online store.
Additionally, it is likely that default landing pages and tabs are going to return to use for brand pages by allowing them the features Facebook once had. This could be advantageous for the online store owner, but it isn’t a guaranteed addition to the new format yet. Just be prepared to use it to your advantage if it does come out.  

Your Advantages

The question you may be asking yourself is: How is this going to affect me? Well, for the most part, it’s going to influence the audience’s activity when visiting your page. By providing a linear feed that is easy to follow, you can work towards building an ongoing conversation with the audience. Taking advantage of this particular situation, it will be possible to build a conversation that follows up with a previous one.
The new abilities allow you to build a stream that captivates the audience much like a series would. Rather than posting intermittently, you’ll be able to regulate and build a much more appreciable image that the audience can follow rather than missing out on relevant material lost in a stream.

Continuing with interaction and engaging the audience doesn’t just end with your posted content, though. Users are going to have something referred to as a Collection’s Manager. Here it will be possible to reorganize what could simply be known as tabs. These will be organized for both user’s and visitor’s use, making it easier for the page to display exactly what you want the audience to see. Depending on what material your brand page presents, you’ll be able to turn that into your highlighted areas and show your potential customers what you want them to see.

Facebook constantly changes its face, working to enable its users a more efficient way for users to network and interact with one another. While this particular design hasn’t been launched as of yet, it is likely that Facebook will make changes in the future. And as long as you are aware that the online world does change on a regular basis, you can be there and ready when it happens so you can make the most of the occasion.




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