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Apr 10, 2008


Because each community is based on its users, SilkFair thought of interviewing several of them to let you enter their life, see why they do what they do, where they started, how hard it is and expectations for future.

Today, we want to welcome Abbi and her designs.

What do you create?

I create mostly necklaces using ribbon and chain now. I first started making loom bracelets for myself and my sister when I was about 10. My dad made my first loom. Less than a year ago I decided to expand and started to learn how to make earrings, bracelets and necklaces. I picked up all the jewelry making magazines from the local craft store, and raided the local library of their jewelry making books for inspiration and technique.

Every great company has a great name. How did you come up with yours?

I think most people want something to be named after them; I am one of those people, so I naturally named my shop after myself.

When and why did you decide to start your business?

I decided in August of 2007 to start selling jewelry after learning the basic techniques. I made a few pairs of earrings for a family occasion, via request from my mom. After that, I decided to go online and see what my options were to sell.

What are your future plans?

I want to have a real store, with doors and windows and sunlight! I know as a seller how hard it can be to get your name out there. I want to offer my store for people trying to make a name for themselves.

3 words for anybody new in this business

Don’t give up!

Which of the tools you use is a personal favorite?

I love all of my tools equally. Without them, I couldn’t create. But, I have to say my favorite tool is my flush cutters. I have always been aggressive, and breaking chain with my flush cutters seems to help.

What keeps you motivated?

My whole family keeps me motivated. My mom is by far my best customer, but my husband is the one that tells me “I don’t like it so much”. Those are the things that I don’t try to sell. I keep motivated knowing that we will all look back on this experience one day, and say “Hey, do you remember when….” I want to succeed for my family, but especially for my daughter.

Inspiration is not sold at the market. Who is your muse and where do you find it?

I love to look through the jewelry making magazines for inspiration. I find such wonderful works of art in them. I like to scour the net as well, to see what the “In” colors and fashions are, and try to make something different.

How do you promote your business?

I promote by internet, using sites such as Indiepublic, Craftster, Blogger, Flickr, Cafemom, Myspace, and Facebook. I have business cards that go out with every order and I wear the necklaces I make, when I go out.

Thank you, Abbi for your time and answers. To many sales and a bright future with your own shop!


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