SilkFair Buyer Features

Apr 03, 2008


Buyers will enjoy the ability to quickly browse, find and buy something on their taste throughout SilkFair's shops. I'm writing here about the most important features any buyer needs to know in order to make his SilkFair experience a better one.

-- Detailed item views provide all information at a glance.

-- Videos are converted to Flash and indexed so there's no wait time for entire videos to load before viewing.

-- The "Item Browser" visual search tool displays an item gallery organized by "Top Items", "Top Stores", "New Items", "Random Items" and "Random Stores".

-- Shoppers can do a color search for items utilizing a unique "Color Bar" to zero in on a very specific hue.

-- SilkFair's unique and powerful Feedback Mapping system allows buyers to evaluate the credibility of seller feedback for confidence when shopping.

-- Buyers purchase via an easy-to-use, one-step cart checkout that will aggregate purchases from multiple vendors, and only involves one page.

Happy shopping!


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