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Apr 03, 2008


What would we all be without our sellers? Pretty much nothing. With the seller's needs in mind, SilkFair's tech team has simplified the process of online e-commerce solution. The result is a great opportunity to sell through a well-designed, good-looking system without upfront risk or capital expenditure.

But let's get over this and quickly narrow down the most important features that enhance your SilkFair seller experience.

-- Free store, free listing, final sales fee of just 3%.
-- Each store has blog, forum and RSS capability for customer communication.
-- Their own URL for seller online store.
-- Custom domain name is supported through SilkFair; they simply must forward the domain name to SilkFair, set the domain name inside their SilkFair store profile, and SilkFair will display the store.
-- Up to four different images for each item, and up to two videos, allowing sellers to demonstrate and explain items and show them in a number of views and settings that maintain the original quality submitted to SilkFair.
-- Managing and maintaining listings is easy - changes can be made with just one click.
-- Managing and sorting images is as simple as drag-and-drop.
-- Products can be tagged by both buyer and seller.
-- Integration with current system; import/export capability.
-- Managing pricing profiles, taxes, and shipping charges is also one-click easy.
-- Full functionality for order management, inventory management and payment processing, all within the SilkFair System.
-- Feedback system is double-blind with a 14 day grace period. Both buyer and seller can give detailed information on their experience.
-- Existing eBay rating can be linked in.

Happy selling!


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