What is an incense powder burner?



Sburnersm  Srbrushsm  Srkitpwdrsm  Srlevlersm 
For those of you have never heard of, seen or used incense powders I have up Starter Kits.

The starter kits have an S shaped burner that lasts for about 15-20 minutes, a brush for cleaning the burner, a heart shaped card for leveling out the powder in the burner and about 4 hours burn time of powder.

Great gift idea for a stocking stuffer, for someone who enjoys incense, birthday gift, etc.!

Stash Purse Necklace

May 03, 2011


Bluestashpurse  Goldstashpurse  Redstashpurse 
These are a great gift for anyone that does not like to travel with too much to carry.

You can put money in these, stash earrings that will fit in them to give your earlobes a break, some candy,
flash drive, memory card, just about anything that will fit in them.  

Excellent for a teenager!!!!!



Hiya All!

Remember back to a day when you saw a commercial about crystals that grow in a special liquid?

Well this tree is a different version of that.  The crystals grow into fuzzy fur to create a unique tree.



Superhit  Royal  Shivshankar  Nagchampa 
I now have 5 different incense stick scents that are made in India.

Some of you really enjoy the fragrance that these give



Americanchoper  Mickeysbike  Libertybike  Oldschool 
The American Chopper tin signs that I have up for sale are the photos of the bikes that were made by the Teutuls when they worked as a family and before the "family feud" started.

Some of the bikes that came out as a result of their working together are the ones that I have the tin signs of and they were impressive.

These make a wonderful gift for any bike lover out there as well as for Father's Day, a birthday, a graduation or a Christmas gift.


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